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Finding a career to suit you While it can be tempting to skip straight to looking at specific careers, it’s often a good idea to spend some time thinking about what motivates you as a person. What are your interests, inside and outside work and what are you looking for from a career? Once you’ve …

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When you’re stuck in a rut and dreading each day of work, a change of career seems to be the answer. The grass looks greener and the sky bluer. But is it? These ten crucial questions, answered honestly, will help you to think it through, evaluate your position and view the prospect with a steady …

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Letter, interview and body language The rules with regard to applying for jobs have been subject to enormous changes lately. In the past, people preferred a hand-written application letter. It is becoming more and more common these days to find a vacancy on the Internet, and to apply for it via the Internet as well. Quite often …

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