What we can learn from Murray

Well..although many of you will be thinking.. ohhh. poor Murray.. so close..such a shame! That is not the case.. Murray has simply paved his road to ultimate success with his lack of it this year.. The pressure was so immense this year as expectations were so high that it is little wonder that he didn’t quite make it to the overall winner of Wimbledon 2012.

This time next year there is a high chance that he will succeed and win the championship. It’s all about taking small steps time and time again to reach your ultimate goal. Andy Murray now has come so close to success that it will be his overall focus for the coming year to win next year. With his hard work and determination there is a large chance he will go into next years Tournament even stronger and more confident, and therefore more likely to win.

The same applies to us all. If you are currently an Administrator and wish to become a Web Designer for instance, sitting at your desk wishing you were a Web Designer or regretting career decisions you have made in the past will not enable you to reach your goal. Starting a part time evening or weekend course will however help you reach your target.

I guess what I am saying here is that taking small positive steps consistently towards your overall goal mixed with determination, hard work and tenacity will ensure a bright future and achieving what it is you want in life.

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